Speakers from abroad!

09/01/2019 05:13
1. Leal-Galicia, P.X-Profa Dra Perla Xochitl Leal-Galicia- Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, Ciudad de Mexico, México. More info here!
2. Kolb, B. - Prof. Dr. Bryan Kolb- Professor of Neuroscience, University of Lethbrige, Canada. More info here!
3. Prickaerts, J. - Prof. Dr. Jos Prickaerts- Professor, Maastricht University, Holanda. More info here!
4. Slattery, D. A., Prof. Dr. David Anthony Slattery, Professor of Translational Psychiatry Department of University Hospital Frankfurt.More info here! 
5. Wegener, G., Prof. Dr Gregers Wegener- Aarhus University, Dept of Clinical Medicine, Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit Skovagervej 2. More info here! 
6. Vanmierlo, Prof Dr Tim Vanmierlo. University of Hasselt, Bélgica. More info here!
7. Varela-Nallar, L.-Profa Dra Lorena Varela-Nallar- Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile. More info here! 

Speakers from Brazilian Universities

09/01/2019 05:08
1. Andreatini, R. Prof. Dr. Roberto Andreatini, UFPR Lattes aqui! CV here!
2. Camarini, R. Profa Dra Rosana Camarini, USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
3. Campos, A. C. Prof. Dr. Alline C. Campos, FMRP-USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
4. Canteras, N. S. Prof Dr Newton S. Canteras, USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
5. Cruz, F. Prof. Dr. Fábio Cruz, USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
6. Del Bel, E. A. Profa Dra Elaine Del Bel, FORP-USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
7. Ferreira, S.T. Prof. Dr. Sergio Teixeira Ferreira, UFRJ Lattes aqui! CV here!
8.Gavioli, C. Profa Dra Elaine Cristina Gavioli, UFRN Lattes aqui! CV here!
9. Gomes, F V.  Prof. Dr. Felipe Villela Gomes Lattes aqui! CV here!
10. Guimarães, F. S.  Prof. Dr. Francisco Silveira Guimarães, FMCRP-USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
11. Harres, V. B. Profa Dra Vanessa Beijamini Harres, UFES Lattes aqui! CV here!
12. Joca, S. R. Profa Dra Samia R. Joca, FCFRP-USP Lattes aqui! CV here!
13. Moreira, F. A. Prof. Dr. Fabrício Araújo Moreira, UFMG Lattes aqui! CV here!
14. Oliveira, R.M.W. Prof. Dr. Rubia M. W. de Oliveira  Lattes aqui! CV here!
15. Vital, M.  Profa Dra Maria Vital, UFPR Lattes aqui! CV here!
16. Zanoveli, J. Profa Dra Janaina Zanoveli, UFPR  Lattes aqui! CV here! 

Speakers from UFSC

09/01/2019 05:04
1. Bertoglio, L. J. Prof. Dr. Leandro J. Bertoglio Lattes aqui! CV here!
2. Carobrez, A. P. Prof. Dr. Antonio de Pádua Carobrez Lattes aqui! CV here!
3. Carvalho, C. R. Dra. Cristiane R. de Carvalho Lattes aqui! CV here!
4. Cimarosti, H. I. Profa Dra Helena I. Cimarosti Lattes aqui! CV here! 
5. Izídio, G. Prof Dr Geison Izídio Lattes aqui! CV here! 
6.Lino de Oliveira, C. Prof Dr Cilene Lino de Oliveira Lattes aqui! CV here!
7. Lima, F. B. Profa Dra Fernanda B de Lima Lattes aqui! CV here!
8. De Lima, T. C. M. Profa Dra Thereza C. M. De Lima Lattes aqui! CV here!  
9. Prediger, R. D. Prof. Dr. Rui D. Prediger Lattes aqui! CV here! 
10.Takahashi, R. N. Prof. Dr. Reinaldo N. Takahachi Lattes aqui! CV here!

Program at a glance!

09/01/2019 04:30
Opening ceremony- 15/05/2019 (20h00-22h00), Chair Prof Dr Elaine Del Bel (Falan's president)  

First day- 16/05/2019 (8h30min-18h00min) 
S 1: Anxiety and Panic disorders. Chair: Prof. Dr. Roberto Andreatini (FMC-UFPR) 
S 2: Mood disorders. Chair: Profa Dra Thereza de Lima (FMC-UFSC) 
S 3: Traumatic memories. Chair: Prof Dr Antonio de Pádua Carobrez (FMC-UFSC) 
S 4: Psychosis and Schizophrenia. Chair Prof. Dr. Felipe Gomes (FMRP-USP) 16/05/2019 

Special session- 16/05/2019 (19h30min-21h00min) 
"Young talents". Chair: Prof Dr Alline Campos (FMRP-USP) e Prof Dr Geison Izídio (UFSC)
Second day- 17/05/2019 (8h30min-17h00min)
S 5: Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection. Chair Profa Dra Rubia Weffort de Oliveira (UEM) 
S 6: Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. Chair Prof Dr Rui Prediger (FMC-UFSC) 
S 7: Drug addiction. Chair Prof. Dr. Reinaldo N. Takahashi (FMC-UFSC) 
S 8: New targets for neuropsychiatry disorders. Chair Sâmia Joca (FCFRP-USP) 

Closing lecturer- 17/05/2019 (17h00min-18h00min)