Program at a glance!

09/01/2019 04:30
Opening ceremony- 15/05/2019 (20h00-22h00), Chair Prof Dr Elaine Del Bel (Falan's president)  

First day- 16/05/2019 (8h30min-18h00min) 
S 1: Anxiety and Panic disorders. Chair: Prof. Dr. Roberto Andreatini (FMC-UFPR) 
S 2: Mood disorders. Chair: Profa Dra Thereza de Lima (FMC-UFSC) 
S 3: Traumatic memories. Chair: Prof Dr Antonio de Pádua Carobrez (FMC-UFSC) 
S 4: Psychosis and Schizophrenia. Chair Prof. Dr. Felipe Gomes (FMRP-USP) 16/05/2019 

Special session- 16/05/2019 (19h30min-21h00min) 
"Young talents". Chair: Prof Dr Alline Campos (FMRP-USP) e Prof Dr Geison Izídio (UFSC)
Second day- 17/05/2019 (8h30min-17h00min)
S 5: Neurodegeneration and neuroprotection. Chair Profa Dra Rubia Weffort de Oliveira (UEM) 
S 6: Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. Chair Prof Dr Rui Prediger (FMC-UFSC) 
S 7: Drug addiction. Chair Prof. Dr. Reinaldo N. Takahashi (FMC-UFSC) 
S 8: New targets for neuropsychiatry disorders. Chair Sâmia Joca (FCFRP-USP) 

Closing lecturer- 17/05/2019 (17h00min-18h00min)